The Crayfish and the Musk Ox Skull

One day, Crayfish, crawling across the rocky bottoms happened upon a Musk Ox skull. Crayfish, being a curious creature, began to investigate the peculiar discovery. The remnants of the Musk Ox body were no where to be found. Crayfish pondered existence.

Sunlight slats sliced through the water and shone brilliantly off the white bone of the skull. Crayfish thought it to be a very attractive and inviting skull indeed. Scuttling forward, Crayfish climbed up the underneath side of the occipital bone until reaching a dark and mysterious tunnel. Pausing, Crayfish began vigorously whipping stringy red antenna all about, sensing the void that loomed ahead. Having successfully surveyed the black hole for danger and destruction, Crayfish crept into the brain cavity.

Once inside, Crayfish discovered a wonderful bounty of brain matter galore, and began to feed. Within the brain cavity Crayfish was sheltered and safe. With this new feeling of security Crayfish decided to take up the cavern as a permanent residency, spending the days gnawing and picking at the brain.

Time passes as it does. Crayfish, having not felt the warmth of sun’s rays on shell for quite some time, resolved to venture from the skull and experience the outside world. With tail tucked, Crayfish began to slide out of the cranium. As Crayfish entered the tunnel where the mighty medulla oblongata had once occupied, the walls begin to close in. The sliding stopped.

The constant gorging on the brain had rendered Crayfish too swollen to fit through the tunnel and enter the outside world. The sturdy shell that once defended Crayfish’s body, was now merely a precautionary suggestion, such as a nail that perches atop a plump big toe. Crayfish’s poor form would no longer enable adventures into the rocky bottoms and beyond.

This is to say, ‘ If all the emphasis is placed on picking at the brain, one will surely find oneself trapped in the head.’